“Stardom/Hater” is the newest release by the Latvian/Dutch artist ANNNA. 

The song won the hearts of both the audience and the jury in October 2019, when the song won the prestigious Amsterdam Dance Event demo competition. The track will be a part of ANNNA’s EP that will be released in spring 2020. 

The track was written in just under three days during the Amsterdam Dance Event. It’s a collaboration with the Danish producer and songwriter, August. His nostalgic, bittersweet style perfectly mixes with the harsh, themed lyrics and attitude present in each ANNNA’s track.

Probably you’ll notice when listening to her lyrics, but “Stardom/Hater” is not a sweet story. The song is about something that the singer read in an article a few years back: domestic violence. In 2018, the singer read an article on BBC explaining how much aggression happens in homes once a team loses during the World Cup. Same as in her other songs, ANNNA’s lyrics cover things that bother her, things that make her stand up and shout out loud during her impactful performances.



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ANNNA grew up in a family of artists at the seaside of Latvia and attended a very disciplined classical piano school as a little kid. After studying in various countries, she settled in Amsterdam in order to focus on music. With her Amsterdam based band MADARA, she played several concerts in the city and went for their first tour throughout Colombia. Once returned to Amsterdam, ANNNA decided to go solo and produce on her own. Sustainability, burnouts and badass business women are some of the topics that she covers in her “theme songs” attitude.

This girl is a “DO’ER”- by day she runs her own sustainable fashion brand Mā and by night she produces her tracks. The singer celebrated her latest release on July 2nd and gave a stunning performance in front of more than 8k people while warming up the stage for the LP Official. Now she’ll perform an incredibly exciting show at the biggest European showcase festival, Eurosonic on the 17th of January.